UMS Banking creates individually customized programs
tailored to your bank's needs

At UMS Banking we understand that each bank has its own unique needs and that one program does not fit all. That’s why we offer our banking partners a variety of options with which to design their merchant program. From a fully outsourced program to a fully contained “in-house” bank-run program and any option in between, we will assist our clients in creating a custom program to fit their needs. Our success is measured by the growth, retention and profitability of our banks’ portfolios. Couple that with a high level of satisfaction on the part of your merchants, and you have a winning program. UMS Banking is “your path to superior service and technology.”

UMS Banking (United Merchant Services of California, Inc.) has dedicated its resources to enabling financial institutions to compete in the transaction world with simplicity and ease. We have achieved this by offering products that allow banks a variety of options in creating programs that exactly fit their needs. In addition, our clients have the peace of mind knowing their customers will be serviced with the same level of caring and competence that mirrors the bank's operating philosophy.

UMS Online Sales Portal
Our web based portal is a sales and management tool that gives you the means of submitting your referrals electronically to UMS. You then have 24/7 access to the status of that or any referral given by your bank. The portal dashboard is an at-a-glance graphic snapshot of your latest referral production, your top producing branches and shows you any outstanding items. Its various menu items also provide access to monthly, weekly, quarterly and annual information on your portfolio growth.

Product Options
Although our core product is providing transaction processing to financial institutions that wish to offer acquiring services to their commercial customers, UMS Banking has always offered our banking partners a diversified mix of transaction products. These include but are not limited to:

• Merchant Bankcard Acquiring
• POS Debit (Point of Sale)
• Electronic Benefits Transfer Processing
• Customized Gift Cards
• Electronic Check Processing (at the point of sale)
• Merchant ATM Placement and Service
• EFT Products (Electronic Funds Transfer
--ACH credits and debits)
• RCK (Returned Check re-processing product)

Customized Options
At UMS Banking we stand ready to work with you in building a portfolio that is profitable and expanding. Because the UMS Banking team is composed of a unique blend of seasoned marketing, banking and technology professionals we are equipped to meet the challenges of our partners and to service your needs in a unique and caring manner.

Full-Service Payment Processing for Banks & Merchants

We offer three primary program options with customization as required by each banking partner:

Outsourced Referral Programs
This program allows banks to offer a turnkey referral program. While outsourcing the liability, overhead and dedicated staff generally associated with such portfolios, your bank can build a handsome portfolio that becomes a portable asset for the bank. The differentiating factor with UMS Banking is that your bank will actually own its portfolio while outsourcing the liability and work.

Hybrid Programs
With a partially outsourced program, banks can pick and choose what portions of their program they would like to retain in-house. Many banks choose to outsource liability, risk monitoring, chargebacks and tech support while retaining the marketing aspects of the program. Other banks may choose to retain liability and marketing while outsourcing terminal installation, merchant training and tech support. Call one of our account representatives to discuss the balance that’s right for your bank.

In-House Agent Programs
Some banks prefer to simply purchase transactions and create their own program, manned with their own resources. For these institutions UMS Banking offers state-of-the-art tools that allow the bank to build, manage and maintain their portfolio. Our dedicated professionals stand ready to work with such banks, hand-in-hand as a pro-active partner. At UMS Banking we don’t feel our job is done after the ink has dried on the contract.
While UMS Banking offers the additional option of portfolio purchase, we ask our banking partners to seriously consider the long-term effect of such a decision. Many banks choose this route as a means to remove liability and overhead from the bank. At UMS Banking our partners can achieve this objective while continuing to build a program that they own by simply outsourcing liability to UMS Banking.

Additional Financial Products
Bankcard and other financial products, while not the core competency of a bank, if managed well can assist in building a bank’s depository and loan portfolios. Offering products such as bankcard, recurring payment processing, retail intelligence software and check processing options to commercial clients creates a product mix that promotes loyalty and is a proven defense against customer attrition.
Community banks often prefer not to offer services such as ACH processing because of the attendant liability with such products. UMS Banking offers local banks the ability to offer these products while again outsourcing liability and overhead. Another unique feature at UMS Banking is that any of our services can be contracted individually or as a package of products.

Online Reporting: In addition to traditional monthly paper reports, UMS Banking offers both its Banks and Merchants online reporting and research options. This tool allows banks and merchants to rapidly manage their accounts.

UMS Banking Sets the Standard:
A long history of firsts in the payment processing industry
In the mid-80’s UMS Banking first introduced the revolutionary concept of “outsourced” liability to the banking community. This created a totally new trend in bankcard processing for financial institutions, ushering in a completely new way for banks to deliver acquiring products to their customers. In 1990 we were the first company to offer Point of Sale Debit to financial institutions. Then in the early 90’s we were the first to launch wireless technology to the banking industry. The mid-90’s saw us first to offer workable smart card/gift card technology to banks for their commercial customers. We continue this leading edge trend by offering the latest in payment processing solutions for your clients.
UMS Banking offers financial institutions not only the means to compete in a fiercely competitive marketplace, but the ability to protect their portfolio from attrition through a mix of products that will ensure customer loyalty, combined with superior customer service.

Contact one of our service representatives to discuss your particular needs.

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