Joyce Gaines
Joyce Gaines is a successful entrepreneur, as CEO of UMS Banking, a women-owned business and creator of several other businesses, including a community business bank. As a Founder/Owner of UMS she’s spearheaded consistent growth since its inception from a small home-based business to the 7th largest payment processor in California.

Joyce is an alumna of Villanova University, PA where she majored in Engineering and has formal training in Public Relations, Sales & Marketing and Banking.

As an oft awarded Humanitarian, Joyce has a passion for Human Rights and is a Commissioner for CCHR International, working actively as an organizer and fundraiser including chairing a yearly celebrity auction. This year she created the Annual UMS Banking Charity Golf Tournament which benefited the Camp Patriot Foundation, giving back to those whom served in the US Military and PLGA Charity helping inner city youth experience golf and community service.

Lynda Neuman
Lynda Neuman is one of the two Founder/Owners of UMS Banking and a businesswoman entrepreneur. She currently holds the position of CFO for the corporation which she has kept solvent and expanding profitably since 1987. She is also trained and expert in Operations and Risk Assessment.

Lynda is an avid and accomplished triathlete, competing year-round in Half-Ironman races and serves on the Board of Directors of the Pasadena Triathlon Club.

She is involved with a broad spectrum of local charities and did post-grad education in business at the Hubbard College of Administration International in Los Angeles, CA.

Bruce Ferguson
EVP National Business Development
Bruce Ferguson, a 16 year veteran and Executive Vice-President of UMS Banking, specializes in Client Development and is the “face of UMS”. His background in Advertising & Marketing was the foundation for the interactive approach UMS shares with its client base.

Bruce serves on multiple industry Boards including California Independent Bankers (a Division of ICBA), is a voting member of the Electronic Transactions Association, and has served on Community Bankers of California, Bankcard Association of So-Cal and Western States Acquirers Association boards. He also maintains UMS Banking's active membership with Western Independent Bankers Association, among others.

He is a past Toastmaster and current activist, receiving an Honorary Doctorate in 2009 for his International Youth for Human Rights activities in which he runs extensive programs yearly in South Asia and participates with the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights program.

Karen Brown
Executive Establishment Officer
Karen Brown is a United States Service Veteran and brings over 25 years of executive management experience to UMS Banking.

Her specialty and principal functions are establishment of a top-notch senior management team, inclusive of every aspect from on-the-job training to industry-specific continuing education and development best practice policy and procedures.

Karen is consistently active with her Church and helping others in community organizations including the Way To Happiness Foundation.

Chris Lake
Chief Technical Officer
Chris Lake, CTO of UMS Banking, has over 35 years in software development, IT and business management. Her experience includes directing operational aspects from Human Resources, Legal, Manufacturing, Delivery and Accounting to Customer Service and Technical Support.

On the technical side, Chris not only has hands-on software design and programming experience but has also managed software development projects and run IT departments. She was one of the key owners of RealWorld Corporation, one of the first PC-based accounting software companies in the US in the 80's, which was subsequently sold to Great Plains Software and ultimately to Microsoft. Her understanding of both business and technology bring a rarely found perspective and value to UMS, our partners and customers.

Chris is an alumna of Franklin Pierce University, NH, majoring in Computer Science and graduating Summa Cum Laude. She's a staunch supporter of Human Rights, enjoys reading, swimming, tennis, and spending time with her family.

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